Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Dealer in El Cerrito CA

Your Carpet’s Ready for an Amazing Vacuum Cleaner

At Simplicity, we’re focused on one thing: building exceptional vacuums. As our name implies, we don’t believe that adding gadgets and gizmos is the way to accomplish this goal. Instead, engineers and structural designers scrutinize every detail of our vacuums. In the end, each element is the best it can be. Our large independent retailer network backs this claim. So, if you’re looking for a durable, powerful cleaning machine, trust us, you’ve come to the right place. Have no fear—Simplicity is here to save you from another bad vacuum! 

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 The Vacuum Shop in Richmond Ca  

4921 McBryde Ave Richmond, CA 94805 ​

phone: 510-215-1116, Fax: 510-215-1117 

Sanitaire Vacuum El Cerrito CA

Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Dealer in El Cerrito CA

Sanitaire®  Vacuum Cleaner Durability

Sanitaire® Vacuum Cleaner QuietClean - SC412  

Sanitaire® Vacuum Cleaner QuietClean™ Upright Vacuum - SC5713, SC5745, SC5813 & SC5845